As a portrait of the life of education, as the nation back into the world of school, some parents feel proud when they get a pose for their children dressed in school uniform. They feel proud when their children go to school with their first school uniforms. BBC News looks back at the history, where the children’s clothing with regard to the uniform got plenty of cons though some of them chose the pro to love their school uniforms. School uniform is described in the past in the form of a top hat and a tail of Tom Brown brought by the British tradition of some schools in the country.

The first story about school uniforms come from The Ragged School Museum in London which contains photographs of children who wear uniforms, a school charity founded in 1910, children use Shanters Tam O and girls using the apron and latex gloves. But over time, Stepney Greencoat said that the current students have been wearing uniforms their modern, most schools have a very long time to develop their fashion style with a flat cap in 1950 and blazer and entered between 1980 and 1990 have been subject to tie into their uniforms.

School uniforms give a sense of school identity or cohesion. On weekends and during the holidays, told from the school to parents, whether they will wear school uniforms for their children or not? When some aspect of society became much specific the school uniform would be a certainty and to order. Although over time, school uniforms get a lot of rebellion from their pupils on school uniforms that may not fit with the design that they expect, CookiesKids know all too well how the modern design is currently evolving in the community to gain an interest in kids who want to go to school and make their school uniforms as a new trend which became the code in our school uniforms and has codes of dress. It is not difficult because CookiesKids has had much experience in designing a school uniform.