In business, all costs are set by the finance department. If we as owners, we should be able to set monthly spending and pressing it down from the monthly income. If we do follow the event and plan to use a trade show booth display, we have to look at the prices offered by sellers and renters trade show display. We should not take a high price if there is a booth that cheap and easily modified if we hire him or we can buy a booth for various purposes and it can be used for 2 or 3 years.

We can see in Trade show displays orange county if the normal price for the display is $ 90- $ 130 per square foot and we have to disassembling the stand at every location we visited. If we need a 15×15 display, we have to pay between $ 20.250 and $ 29.250. The price for renting is cheaper about $ 1.200 – $ 1,500 for a full day.