For you who are one of the fans of the Panera Bread Secret Menu, you might already know that it includes a lot of sandwiches in the list. In fact, the sandwiches in the list of the secret menus are probably your favorite menus to order when coming to the restaurant. However, do you know the history behind this favorite food of yours? If not yet, you can proceed reading this article as the history of sandwiches will be discussed in the following.

Sandwiches named after the fourth Earl of Sandwich, an English aristocrat of the 18th century who is a fan of playing cards heavyweight. Earl of Sandwich IV wanted to continue playing cards without having to stop to eat, so the meat is clamped two slices of bread used as a practical food that can be eaten with one hand while playing cards. Earl of Sandwich IV comes from the town of Sandwich in the UK. In Old English, Sandwiches means “sandy place.”

Sandwich or sandwich is a meal in the form of two slices of bread pinch of meat, vegetables, cheese or various friends eating bread and is usually given a seasoning or sauces that taste becomes more palatable. Various types of bread can be used for sandwiches and rely on the contents. The surface of the bread is usually spread with a little jam, butter, olive oil, mayonnaise, margarine or other things that serve as an adhesive and aroma enhancer.

In a country with a population who are not eating rice, sandwich usually brought to school or to the office in a box called a lunchbox or in a brown paper bag called brown bag or sandwich bag to be enjoyed as lunch. Sandwich is also taken as a practical food during the picnic, hiking or just sightseeing. At home, sandwich enjoyed as a snack or a complement to the main meal.