To have white skin and glowing certainly a dream of many people, especially women. Yes, whites are often used as a benchmark of beauty for Asian women, including Indonesia. People who have white skin will usually be more confident in many occasions such activities or just hang out with people nearby. Many ways can be done to whiten skin, ranging from beauty products to wear natural ways. natural methods are always cheaper and economical, so your bag will not be broken. Interesting right? One of the natural methods to whiten the face is by consuming fresh juice. You can use a juicer to make fresh juice without preservatives, visit our website and find top rated juicers. So what juice is good for the skin?

– Carrot
Carrots are known as vegetables rich in Vitamin A and are good for eye health. However, it turns out carrots also contain vitamin C and carotene, making it useful for skin whitening. By consuming carrot juice regularly, your skin will be soft and pliable, and prevent skin darkening.

– Papaya
Papaya has numerous ingredients including Vitamin A, C, and vitamin E. Alloys is very beneficial for skin health and enlightenment, thus avoiding the occurrence of dark skin. Besides functioning to whiten and brighten, papaya can also remove the black spots or stains on the skin.

– Tomato
It is no doubt that the tomato has extraordinary properties for the skin. The fruit is usually used as a mask, but can also be consumed directly by way of making it as a juice.

– Mango
The fruit is touted as the king of fruits have antioxidant properties able to maintain health and softness of the skin thoroughly.

– Spinach
Useful to sharpening memory, spinach is also often used as an option to whiten and brighten the skin. Spinach juice is rarely heard in the community, but who would have thought the juice turned out to have remarkable properties for the skin. Not just whiten, but it could be to tighten the skin.