Would you like to know the key concerning how legislation enforcement and military staff constantly have seriously vibrant, but compact flashlights? The solution is the way during which their mild is run. You’re almost certainly informed about classic alkaline driven flashlights and probably personal a few, however, you may possibly not be as informed about lithium flashlight on. The subsequent information is often a short introduction to CR123 lithium powered flashlights which describes some standard characteristics, positive aspects, and downsides. Though you will find both of those incandescent and LED lithium flashlights obtainable in the marketplace, this facts will concentration totally on incandescent or Xenon lithium flashlights instead of LED.

Distinctive Features and Variations

Compared with the alkaline powered flashlights that you are in all probability used to that are run by AA, AAA, C, or D alkaline batteries, the lithium flashlight is powered by a CR123 lithium battery. You could be familiar with this battery because it is commonly accustomed to electrical power cameras. In contrast to classic alkaline batteries, which have a nominal voltage of one.5v, a single CR123 supplies as much as three.0v towards the machine it truly is utilized in. The CR123 features a capacity (1500 mAh) in shut relation to an AA and AAA battery (2700 mAh and 1200 mAh respectively).

The heart of your lithium flashlight, its CR123 lithium battery, would be the critical element top to the pros and disadvantage discussed below.


1st and foremost, as a result of the upper voltage in the lithium battery, a lithium flashlight has a tendency to be substantially brighter than an alkaline equivalent. You can find some rather brilliant alkaline flashlights offered in the marketplace, but there are actually equal lithium flashlights obtainable which can be as vivid or brighter in a portion from the dimension. For instance, a 2-CR123 run lithium flashlight is similar in dimensions to the 2-AA powered alkaline flashlight, but is capable of manufacturing about 4-5 periods the sunshine (the equal of a large and major 3-D mobile flashlight). The truth is, some 2-CR123 lithium flashlights, when outfitted that has a substantial output Xenon bulb, can produce additional mild than a huge 6-D mobile flashlight!

Additionally to getting brighter for its dimensions, the lithium flashlight has 1 much more huge edge over an alkaline mild. For those who have ever employed an alkaline flashlight, you might have in all probability observed that it is brightest when the batteries are new after which you can not very as vibrant as the batteries are applied. Having a lithium flashlight, this is not the situation. Because of the lithium chemistry from the CR123 battery, a lithium flashlight tends to retain its brightness about the helpful lifetime of the battery till in the vicinity of depletion. It is awesome to find out that your flashlight is just not going to be dimmer any time you need to have it most.


Regretably, every one of the excellent benefits of lithium flashlights have some drawbacks. The initial downside is battery existence. A little lithium flashlight could possibly be as dazzling being a massive multi-D mobile flashlight, but it surely won’t run as very long. This is surely where a compromise is made: battery lifetime for bodily sizing. The easy actuality of the issue is these D batteries have a considerably higher potential in comparison to the compact CR123.

On top of that to getting decreased runtime, CR123 batteries price tag much more to buy and swap than alkaline batteries. At this time, only one CR123 can expense as many as $5 or maybe more when bought regionally from a brick-and-mortar keep (although they can often be procured online for $1-2 each).