It’s important for you to choose a good beauty product which contains the right ingredient. The mandatory ingredient which must be contained in a whitening serum is arbutin. Without this ingredient, a whitening serum won’t work at all. So make sure you’re choosing the one which contains the arbutin just like the fairnpink whitening serum. However, aside from its mandatory ingredient, it must contain the protective ingredients as well.

The Fair n Pink has become well-known not just because of its effective whitening effect, but it’s because of its two protective ingredients as well. It has the glutathione which shields the skin from any free radicals, while the betel leaf extract is preventing any kind of irritation on the skin. Therefore you must remember to buy a whitening serum which has the arbutin and protective ingredients, so you can get the brighter and whiter skin without any unnecessary side effects. We also want to recommend the Fair n Pink, due to it has been recognized as the best and the cheapest whitening serum that has been purchased by many women.