Have you ever experienced a problem with the wall paint your house? For example, peeling paint, paint color is not the same, calcification or bubbling paint. If yes, then inevitably, you definitely need to make improvements by re-paint your house painting woodstock back in order to look beautiful. Problems on the wall paint do not interfere with the building structurally, but it creates a feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, and reduce the beauty of the look of the home. maybe you should immediately correct it by painting your walls a new one, but you have difficulty in getting a diagnosis to damage your walls, then you can contact us; Woodstock house painting.

Did you know, a lot of causes of damage to paint a wall? For that, our workers will come to you and tell you the kinds-type damage and its causes so that the same damage can be avoided, while reducing the risk of new problems as such went into battle, the better we know the weaknesses of your opponent before develop strength and strategy for the war. Let’s just paint the wall that troubled it is your opponent who should know his weakness, As for the types of paint that are common in the walls of your home, as follows;

1. Paint peeling (Cracking)
Flaking paint that occurs in the wall can be caused by two things, the cleanliness of the wall to be painted and the use action less quality. Flaking paint marked walls with peeling layers of paint alone, showed no effect on action, it is because there is oil content in the wall so that the paint does not stick perfectly. In contrast to the cracking that can be seen with flaking paint, accompanied by layers of chipped action who participated as well.

2. Cat ballooned (blistering)
The cause of bubbles in the paint due process of painting is wrong, acian yet perfectly dry and re-paint the painting process is too fast.

3. Liming (Chalking)
Calcification that occurs in the paint caused by paint that does not have resistance to sunlight. Errors in the use of paint can also cause calcification. For example, the use of the car interior to the exterior.