In Buddhism, to embalm a corpse of a deceased is acceptable so that you will be able to find the embalming process as one of the buddhist funeral services singapore. To embalm a corpse, different procedures are required as to do it properly and thoroughly, each part of the body cannot be embalmed using the same procedure. That is the reason why there are different procedures which are used to embalm cavities in the body of the deceased. Hence, the procedures to embalm the cavities will be explained in the following.

First, the embalmer has to use a trocar for aspiring organ. When arteries are clean, you need to clean the inside of organs before the bacteria and gas entry or formed and issued a cleaning fluid from the nose or mouth. After that, it is required to make an aspiration of the chest cavity. Enter the trocar 5 cm to the right and 5 cm above the gut. Clean the hollow organs such as the stomach, pancreas, and small digestive tract.

The embalmer, then, also needs to make an aspiration of the lower body cavity. Remove the trocar, rotate, and insert it into the lower body, aspiration of the contents of the digestive tract is great, bladder, and in the case of women, the uterus. Anus and vagina sometimes put cotton to prevent seepage.

The next is to inject the fluid into the cavity in the body. The liquid usually contains 30% formaldehyde, and gravity injection method is typically used to force fluid into the cavity of the hollow organs, sterilise and maintain it.

The embalmer also needs to make sure that he or she has injected the fluid cavity in the organs of the upper body and also down. This step is very important to prevent “cleanser” out. At last, it is to remove the trocar and cover the hole with a shovel trocar and then clean the trocar and place it back into place.