Any man’s death could have been like had been prepared beforehand. Prolonged illness and a very advanced age led to the departure of a person are considered as a matter of it was about time. Death is considered as a “helper”. On the contrary, not infrequently death is considered as something unexpected. The intercept is not the time and place to be expected. However, the sense of loss appears and chaos rages. So, here, we from the christian funeral service singapore would like to explain about some of the things to be done when preparing for a funeral. They are as follows:

1. When he heard of the death of a person, the servant of God does not need to comment or show strange taste, before he saw what actually happened.
2. As much and as quickly as possible contact the care of the Church Council issues death so that practical matters can be dealt with, such as coffin, letters, pictures of people who died, equipment, notification to the church, etc.
3. The servant of God is present immediately after hearing the news of the death. His presence itself already means a lot to those who mourn, at least sympathy. Whatever happens in the initial visit should be prepared to face. It could be the atmosphere of hysteria, shock, died unnatural ways, and so forth. It takes wisdom to face all those things but still with a mouth that does not talk much. If the deceased was a Christian, if possible pray for a moment will be very significant.
4. Arrange a schedule of events with the most authoritative of the bereaved family members, usually with the oldest child, if the deceased is a parent, or with the wife or husband of the deceased. Decisions taken in negotiations with people who are not authorized will cause chaos shameful name of the Lord. In the plan, the event should not impose desires. Do not compromising biblical principles and effectiveness of reaching goals through the ceremony. It should be emphasized that the ceremony conducted by the Christian Church.